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Bikin Website 07
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9.221 / 10 from 15 ratings.
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Version 1.0

Bikin Film (Bikin Website 07) is a Free WordPress Theme for Movie and Film Streaming. If you wanted to create a website similar to IMDb, You can use this theme for it. Bikin Film works well with all Desktop and Mobile devices.

Full Responsive
With user’s behavior focus, every pages are designed to look great on all devices no matter what devices users are on laptops, tablet or mobile phone.

Author Box
Display the authors by name and help your visitors discover more articles from their favorite author.

Super Easy Installation & Dedicated Support
Installation takes just a few minutes. If you need support, please open your question in here.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
Theme has been built using sematic HTML code and CSS, allowing search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Etc) crawl and index your web page easily.

Major Browser Support
Tested on all major browsers. IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Compatibility Updates
Bikin Film will be updated regularly to ensure it is compatible with future versions of WordPress.

Jul 4, 2016 (ID Theme: 49) Posted by Mr. Shine - 28 Comments

28 Comments to “Bikin Film”

  1. ChipMaker says:

    Fast and very nice theme. I love so much! Thank you bikin website!

    Register Member
  2. usman says:

    fast, clean and simple – I love it <3

    Register Member
  3. bouthp says:

    saya pakai template ini di blog saya, tapi dropdown menunya ndak berfungsi?
    bisa dibantu?

    Unregister Member
    • Mr. Shine says:

      Silahkan ajukan pertanyaan anda di forum, team support kami pasti akan membantu anda 🙂

  4. komeng1993 says:

    cara ganti logo bikinwebsite nya gimana om?

    Unregister Member
  5. Akcil says:

    great theme I love it but I’m just wondering what is the best plugin to use to fetch movies from IMDB?

    Unregister Member
  6. akcil says:

    are there going to be any future updates?

    Register Member
  7. n3txpr1ng says:

    I am waiting for an update, nice theme

    Register Member
  8. lipcho says:

    Hello, the template is very cool. I have the problem, I do not know how to translate the template. There are no translation files in the language directory. How can I translate the template?

    Register Member
    • Mr. Shine says:

      Thank you Lipcho, I’m so sorry but we don’t provide translate feature in this theme. If you want, you can do manually. I can help you via forum.

  9. Chrosian says:

    Pertanyaan ka . Ini sudah termasuk yang buat streaming ?

    Register Member
  10. itbondhu says:

    i want know about next update

    Register Member
  11. cetak says:

    thx gan

    Register Member
  12. boysmart857@gmail.com says:

    How Download And Install This Theme

    Register Member
  13. mhdfaran says:

    Advertisement banner not removing in bikin film theme please help me to remove it.

    Register Member
  14. Roktim Dey says:

    How to download this theme

    Unregister Member
  15. Arman says:

    Release some updates

    Unregister Member

  16. keren nih themesnya…. tq tq mas

    Register Member
  17. Himanshu says:

    Sir .. it was superb theme .. but having some problems in editing it
    How to change the logo ( as i see one ans saying change the url in menu.php but what irl should i put there ?? )
    And also sir names of the movies/posts are overlapping with each other .. i need help so that i can edit it.

    Unregister Member
  18. kenmonster says:

    keren juga yang ini, gratis lagi

    Register Member
  19. lovemoreda says:

    Genre Movie
    Artist Name

    The above is not showing during post.

    Register Member
  20. lovemoreda says:

    Is there anyone here to attend to me

    Register Member

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