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Hi, Admin!
How to add Infinite Scroll in Bikin Film Theme?

Jul 24, 2017 (2 years ago) - Posted by 5 Comments

5 Answers

  1. Mr. Shine says:

    Yes, you can add Infinite Scroll in bikin film theme.
    I think that more easy if you using plugin. Have you search in WordPress directory plugin?
    Example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/Infinite+Scroll/

    • nasha7861122 says:

      I almost try Every Plugin related infinite Scroll but no one works on this theme.
      Can you explain, which plugin I use and how to do it? Please

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    • Mr. Shine says:

      Dear Nasha, have you try to ask plugin author in support forum?

  2. nasha7861122 says:

    You are the developer of this theme, Only you can help me out!

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    • Mr. Shine says:

      Yes Nasha, you are rigth, I’m the creator of this theme, but I’m not the creator of infinite Scroll plugin.
      If you have a problem about theme, I will help you. But If your problem from plugin, I think you should ask the plugin author.


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