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Hi, admin!
Thankx a lot for helping me in previous questions.
You put an advertising panel in movies page.
How to use it?

Jul 14, 2017 (2 years ago) - Posted by 3 Comments

3 Answers

  1. Mr. Shine says:

    Hello Nasha, you are welcome.
    If you want to add or remove ad between paragraph, just open this file ad_second_paragraph.php inside your theme folder.
    You can add your ads content in there and the ad will automatic appear in second paragraph.
    Good luck.

    • nasha7861122 says:

      If I want to remove it, then delete that ad_second_paragraph.php file?

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    • Mr. Shine says:

      No. You just need to remove all the content inside ad_second_paragraph.php file.


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