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Hello Support,

How can i remove the advertising box from single post, there is a box by default on my posts

I appreciate all your help

Thank you

Dec 3, 2016 (2 years ago) - Posted by 4 Comments

4 Answers

  1. gela100 says:

    That box is in the middle of my content post

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  2. Mr. Shine says:

    Hello, to delete ads in second post >> open ad_second_paragraph.php file (inside your theme folder) and remove all content. Done 🙂

  3. Gela says:

    Thank you Mr Shine.. I tried to clear that text inside the file but when i go back to the post, there is error at the same place were the ads was..I tried to delete all file still the same issue..Do i need something to type on code at ad_second_paragraph.php?

    I just want to remove that ad box in grey colour


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  4. pebisnisonline says:

    i have the same issue.

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